Mango-Cilantro Chicken Salad

4 Aug

So I made this last night as a refreshing and simple summer dish for myself and a very good looking coworker of mine. Wanna make it? It’s super easy and crazy good.

Mango-Cilantro Chicken Salad

(Keep in mind I made this up, so it’s open to interpretation… and the measurements are rough. Don’t worry, it’s hard to screw up.)

1.5 lbs boneless chicken thighs (I like dark meat, but any cut of chicken will do)

2 Tbs minced garlic

2 Tbs olive oil

Pinch salt and pepper

Clean the chicken up a bit, but don’t spend too much time on it since you’re going to be picking it apart later. Wrangle all the ingredients into an ovenproof skillet, toss ’em up, spread evenly in the pan and bake at 425 for, I dunno, maybe 30 minutes or so? If you’re unsure whether the chicken is cooked, just cut into the fattest part of a thigh and make sure the liquids aren’t pink anymore. When it’s done, spread it on a plate (make sure to get all the delicious garlic) and refrigerate until cool. When it’s cool enough to handle, pick the chicken apart with your hands  and toss out any nasty bits. Put it in a bowl and combine with:

1 diced mango (I know they’re hard to dice, it’s okay if it’s mostly mush. The flavor is all we’re going for, not texture)

1 Tb freshly squeezed lime juice (run through a sieve first to get rid of seeds)

3 Tbs finely chopped cilantro

Mash all that awesome goodness together and serve on some fresh French bread with avocado, and, if you like a bit of spice, some Sriracha sauce.


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