Food is the answer

9 Sep

The only solution to a day that sucked as bad as mine did yesterday is pork chops. JUICY JUICY PORK CHOPS. With sauteed apples, shallots, onion, and a heaping, steamy pile of mashed potatoes. Comfort food to the maxxx. That’s right, triple x comfort food… the kind you can’t buy in a restaurant. Because it was made with good intentions and care and an insane amount of love, no comments were muttered in frustration during its creation, there were no time limits or hurried tickets piling up while it was being assembled. THAT’S why you can’t buy it in a restaurant.

And it was made better, of course, by  copious amounts of white wine that deglazed the cast iron pan while the pork was in the oven. OMG PORK-WINE JUICE, WHY ARE YOU SO DELICIOUS?

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