Alley breakfasts and comfort food

14 Sep

Well I’ve had a good few days, food-wise (and otherwise, but that’s not what this blog is about! Let’s stick to the edibles). Like I said before, I’ve been hankering for stick to your ribs food, and since cooking is just about all I do in my down time anymore, that’s what I’ve been eating. I got this recipe for pastitsio in the latest issue of Saveur, their Greek food special. Pastitsio is a Greek lasagna that is super rich, meaty (pork and chorizo!) and filling. It also makes great leftovers- I’m eating some right now! SNARF SNARF SNARF. I was pretty proud of the end result; I had never made bechamel before (a cheese, milk, flour, and egg sauce standard in any kitchen… if you have  a hint of finesse) and it turned out AWESOME. Golden brown crusty on top, melty and goopey underneath- gotta love baked noodle dishes.

So that was a couple days ago. Yesterday I biked to work 20 minutes early and made my old breakfast standby: a rosemary english muffin with a fried egg (I like over medium, but on the flat top it always seems to turn out over hard… boo) basil, bacon, avocado, pesto, onions, and spinach.

Every day I make something pretty similar for my breakfast and then eat it in the alley behind my work, perched on a milk crate and gulping down cranberry juice. I could eat inside, but something about your kitchen’s alley is more familiar, safer. Plus, the view is pretty outstanding… I have our back door to stare at!

Don’t ask me why it says Shades N More Karate, we all have our theories. I think it was a sunglass hut/ karate school for only the coolest karate students. Work was pretty low-key and afterwards C and I went out to the Copper Hog for a bite to eat.  I didn’t even know it was meatloaf Monday, but since it was we ordered two specials and blissed out for the (very) few minutes that it took us to snarf down the ABSOLUTE HEAVEN OF A MEATLOAF that we were served. A hint of chipotle, garlic, a little Sriracha maybe, served with garlic green beans and mashed potatoes (apparently a theme as of late), and I was one happy girl.

It took some serious resistance not to lick my plate, but luckily I got pretty damn close with just a fork (no knives were issued, as they were completely unnecessary).

I’m not sure what’s next on the menu, but nothing special tonight. It’s Tuesday, which means it’s movie night at my coworker’s house and we’ll all probably fill up on a variety of chips… and some more leftover pastitsio.

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