Beaver love

18 Oct

I don’t have anything to write about food at this moment exactly. Today after I cleaned house for moneymoneymoney I caved again and went to C’s shop for a cup of curry soup and crusty baguette for lunch. I didn’t think much about my food or take photos, I just know that it was spicy and hearty and full of mushrooms and celery and unidentified goodness. But since I’ve been in a real funk for the past few days, I decided to do what feels good and walk my ass over to the Beaver Inn and hop onto the free wi-fi and hang out with the regulars (whom I love. LOVE.) and sip some whiskey on my afternoon off.

So let me expand on this.

The Beaver is by far my favorite bar in Bellingham. It’s dark and comfortable and friendly. I love the staff (especially my dear J, who is [in my and other regulars’ opinion] the best bartender in B-ham).

This is J and me on a Monday afternoon at the Beav. Gotta love this guy!

They pour a stiff drink, showcase COPS on the newly added flatscreen TVs behind the bar, offer cheap air hockey and pinball (also: Big Buck Hunter, Skee-ball, pool, and darts), though I prefer the previously mentioned non-parenthetical games. Granted, it turns off some of my friends due to the fried food smell that entrenches itself into your clothes, but it’s also the perfect deterrent for people who you probably don’t feel like seeing. This place is unpretentious, honest, and cheerful. I’ve never walked into another bar to be greeted my so many friendly faces who, despite our age and occupational differences, all seem to share the same love of good booze, good conversation, and delightfully fatty snacks.

The Beaver is a test of love. Here’s an idea for those of you who live in Whatcom County. If you’re into somebody and are trying to figure out whether they’re worth your time or not, invite them to the Beaver. If they suggest you go to Glow instead, or 86 the idea in favor for a show at the Buffalo or Boundary Bay, you two might not be on the same page. This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy those bars as well, but for those of us that frequent the Beaver, we know that only true compadres will say yes to Beaver cocktails in a moment’s notice. And if your date or new friend says yes and shows up only to remain silent and pass judgement on the aging crowd at the bar… well, you’ll just have to inform them that you like those old farts and they better shut the hell up or go. In my experience, the best human beings I’ve ever met will understand and share your love of the Beaver Inn. So go ahead… test out those fellows you’re unsure about. And if you see me here, kicking ass (or pretending to with a foul attitude when I lose) at air hockey, challenge me to a game and we’ll bond. It’ll be magical.

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