No manpies!?

18 Oct

Today I woke up and was like, TODAY I GET THINGS DONE.
TODAY I EAT MANPIES!!!! And I’ll blog about it!

And then C texted me to inform me that Manpies is closed on Sunday. Also, so are 3 of the 4 stores I needed to visit for errands. What’s with the small town inconvenient business hours, guys? So instead I rode my bike down to C’s store to sit in the window seat and wait for him to make me some sort of panini, which is where my ass is currently residing. The good thing about working in a sandwich restaurant is it’s pretty hard to get sick of sandwiches… there’s an infinite combination of things to throw on a sandwich. C made me this beautiful little creation:

Spinach, bacon, ham, avocado, havarti, pesto, and onion on a tasty toasty foccacia. And I ate it in this here window seat until the sun passed over me and lingered there for far too long and my skin got all hot and red and I was like, OKAY, WINDOW SEAT, YOU LOST YOUR CHARM. Tonight it’s roasted chicken and veggies and mashed potatoes. I’ve enlisted C to make gravy, which is totally extraneous but probably the best idea I’ve had all day… which really gives you an idea of the hard thinking I’ve been challenged with today.

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