Johnny’s Texas Lunch

4 Nov

I’ve been MIA for a while now, but it’s not for a lack of food or time or motivation. Nope, I’ve been puttering around northern Pennsylvania with C and his family, reveling in the onslaught of autumn and a long-overdue break from work and/or real life. Also, it turns out that easily accessible wi-fi isn’t exactly on the top of the priorities list for the rural population. On our drive to Jamestown, New York yesterday, C excitedly informed me that one crucial stop was Johnny’s Texas Lunch, an appropriately low-priced Americana comfort food hot spot. Though I wasn’t even hungry yet, I agreed to stop in for lunch after a long run at the local thrift store… and this is what was procured:

Yes, I ate that monstrosity of a hotdog after shelling out a whopping $1.02 (not including the chocolate milkshake, obviously). Though it might look like a diaper explosion, the thickly liquified meat sauce and softly sauteed white onions were actually pretty tasty. Well, more than tasty… like a 4th-grade camper’s dream come true at the cafeteria. I only managed one… but the portly lady in a yin-yang mumu with fringe at the table next to us managed four, so, you know it’s good… right?

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