How to be a Homebody

20 Nov

Traditionally my attitude towards nesting and general housewifeyness is pretty bipolar… I either decry it as a waste of good socializing time and insist on being out of the house at all times, or  pull a day like today. On days like today, when I’ve woken up to frozen solid streets and 3.5 inches of snow enveloping my home, car, and very cold cat, I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do than hike up the thermostat and putter around my house in a sweaters and aprons. So while C is working on a bike project in the middle of our very tiny living room, I’m sucking down my third London Fog of the morning and recovering from my awesome breakfast adventure while chewy molasses cookies are finishing up in the oven.

This morning I felt like making us a nice breakfast, but was in the mood for something else besides the usual over medium eggs we cook up, so I tried shirred eggs for the first time. I like using ramekins, but never have a reason to, so that was pretty much the only driving force in the creation of these eggs… I just cracked one egg each into four ramekins, topped it with some chopped parsley and spicy cheese blend, salt and pepper, then let them set up in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes. I could have taken them out sooner to get over medium, but for the first shot they were good… velvety whites with the yolks pretty close to a hard-boiled egg texture. Paired with toast and Hempler’s Italian sausage I was pretty satisfied afterward.

And since I couldn’t find a good-looking recipe for molasses cookies in any of my cookbooks, I snagged one from MARTHASTEWART.COM. That’s right, this lady’s gone the way of Martha Stewart… yikes. Let’s just hope it’s for one day only, eh? Here’s the recipe, it’s mighty fine! Possibly because I am at best a mediocre baker, or perhaps because my electric oven appears to be an off brand from the late eighties (anyone heard of Tappan brand? Anyone? No? Me neither), the first batch got burnt on the bottom. Luckily I had a bunch more to bake off (one sheet at a time, so as to get an even crackle on each cookie) and with a little attention to rotation the rest turned out delightfully chewy and unburnt.

By now I’ve finished listening to a rad mix CD that my pal Andy made for me, my cat’s all warmed up, and I’m contemplating brewing up some mulled wine to curl up with… maybe while I watch Elf!?

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