Christmas Revisited

30 Dec

I managed to finagle my way out of work today so that I could have a whole day to tackle that to-do list that’s been eating away at my brain stem for the past two weeks. Here’s the equation:

(The holidays +  C’s move-in process + painting and organizing + trying to keep my house at a reasonable level of chaos) – any sort of vacation time =  challenging, especially while every night I go to bed with the sad sense of unaccomplishment due to the utter FAILURE involving food/creativity/writing.

So there a have it, another excuse! This time in the form of terrible math! So today, before I eat breakfast, before I shower, before I even drink any Morning Blend juice, goddamnit, HERE ARE SOME PICTURES! That’s all! Ok!?

Check it out! I made some really delicious waffles! Also there was some sausage, but you probably don’t care.

On the left is my card to C (an Audubon greeting card that I embellished) and on the right is C’s card to me. Not food related, BUT AREN’T THEY CHARMING.

Speaking of charming, check out our Christmas tree! It’s a carboy filled with Christmas lights and topped with a pinecone… unfortunately lacking any evergreen smell but reusable all year for a weird party prop, so it works out.

For actual Christmas day C and I had friends over for a big dinner (unlike this year’s Thanksgiving disaster, our pot roast, balsamic green beans, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, and blueberry tart were so tasty that I forgot to take photos!) which I prefaced with an hors d’oeuvres tray. This made me feel exceptionally grown up, even though half of the tray was filled with assorted things I pulled out of my pantry with no real knowledge of what one puts on an hors d’oeuvres tray… like pickles. Cut up into tinier pickles. Whatever, it all got devoured, so I’d call it a success.

I scored that tray at Goodwill and the cheese board and bamboo bowl from my mom for Christmas. Pretty, huh?


Anyhow, when the holidays come to a close and my house is restored to proper working order, I’ll be back on the foodblog train. For another few days or so, however, I need to wrangle some organization and focus on the task at hand. Off I go!

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