27 Jan

My sister gave me this tea (she has a knack for quality gifts) which sat forgotten for about a month in the cupboard, tragically hidden behind the everyday boring tea. But last week C brought home a hutch for the kitchen- a hutch I initially resisted and then realized I could prettily arrange things I like on it, and so when digging around the cupboards for forgotten treasures I found this tea… Juniper Ridge White Sage and Wild Mint. It sat looking attractive on the hutch for a few days before I got started to feel a little sick and busted it out. It’s amazing! It’s like drinking clean air. It opens up your throat and tastes subtly like sage and mint, but more prominently like a strong inhalation of the woods. I’m taking a sick day today and am gulping it down with a little bit of honey (and if I feel like it, cream). I’m wishing it was Friday instead of Thursday… as it is I’m going to have to truck through one more day in a sneezing fit. Happy almost weekend!

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