Vitamin D Deficiency

24 Feb

That’s what I’m blaming it on. What’s it? Oh, I dunno, EVERYTHING.  I’ve neglected most foodie duties to hole up in the craft room and make non-edible, but somehow still-marketable items.

That’s right… I’ve been on a hiatus of food-making to pursue the finer things in life- like profanity-ridden felt banners that I sell to people who are driven to fill their homes and businesses with decorative swear words. I’m an adult, what can I say? I had to grow up some time…

Honestly even that’s slow going since most nights I’d rather burrito myself in a swaddle of warm clothing and watch youtube videos. I did manage to make this awesome chocolate cream pie though, for Valentine’s Day dessert with C. I impressed even myself since I made every. Single. Component. From scratch! The cookie crumb crust! The pudding! Which is not as hard as I thought it would be! And the whipped cream! AND AND AND… wait for it… THE CHOCOLATE CURRRRLZ! I made those with chili pepper dark chocolate, and even though they were less of curls and more of shavings, they looked nice and tasted like a million angel kisses.

I got the recipe from a foodgawker-found link, and it was well worth the afternoon I spent elbow-deep in chocolate bits… I mean, really, who can complain about spending too much time with chocolate? Anyway, until I manage to start making real food again, REST ASSURED, DEAR READERS that I am still as fat and happy as always since my darling C makes me shit like this on a regular basis. Just because he’s amazing. And hungry.



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