Sandwich from heaven

7 Apr

Every once in awhile, even a dumb old sandwich is exciting. Like when your boss casually hands you a magazine photo of a melty, dangerously good looking sandwich and says, “I’d like you to make this and run a special. See how it sells.” Well I hurried my ass up to get done with my projects I was working on and set to work on recreating it…

Grilled sourdough with parmesan and provolone, thick sliced bacon (in place of pancetta, which we don’t carry), whole basil leaves, a runny over-medium fried egg, green onions, and salt and pepper. Being a lover of all eggs runny and covered in bacon, this definitely excited me. After doling out taste tests to the kitchen, I agreed to add a dash more salt and pepper, but other than that it seemed pretty much perfect. I threw the bread with the cheese and s&p on the flat top, then as I put it in the sally (technically called the salamander, the freestanding broiler), I put on the bacon and the egg. Covered the egg in chopped green onion and some more pepper, added the basil and assembled it all and I’m done. It tasted approximately 3 times better than a BLT and infinitely more fancy. I was all, WHOA I ACTUALLY HAVE A CAMERA ON MY PERSON… followed immediately with BUT IT HAS NO CARD, YOU MORON. So I used my pal’s Bobby’s camera phone and took like, 18 pictures… which, since I’m technoilliterate actually translated into one picture. I guess you have to hold the button down special or something for the photo to save. Anyhow, that’s how you got stuck with this lame picture. Because it was the only one I could squeeze out.

Make it for brunch! Or lunch! Or dinner! Or drunk snacks! You could seriously impress your friends.


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