Who the frack is Lou Kohl!?

13 Apr

Here’s a fun and entertaining article from the Seattle Weekly about up and coming restauranteur Lou Kohl… check it out!

… I was stoked to see a giant front page cover photo of a grimacing man in an apron with brass knuckles covered in blood, I guess I should’ve assumed it be a farce based on the ridiculousness of the photo alone. Though I think it was somewhat journalistically unprofessional to publish a 5-page fake article with no statement about it’s fabrication (until several days later, of course), it was still a good laugh and (I think, anyway) a clever reflection of the sometimes-overzealous locovores.

In other news, I’m plowing through my first read pretty quickly (I settled on The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry to begin with), and was pleasantly surprised to see that the author includes one recipe every chapter that ties into the chapter’s theme of what she learned in class at Le Cordon Bleu that week. I was going to get all French tonight and prepare something out of the book to review, but C reminded me of all our leftover roasted chicken, so it looks like it’ll be chicken gravy and biscuits tonight… can’t complain!

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