on the express train to slackertown

10 Sep

Dear blog,

I’m sorry, but all I can offer is this photo of donuts. DONUTS!

I am monumentally failing at blogging this month/summer in general, but whatever. I’m busy. And currently procrastinating when I’m supposed to be writing about donuts for the Weekly. While I’m stoked to be getting freelance work, it’s bizarre to have to sit down and be like NOW I’M WRITING! It’s like I’m in college! And let’s be real, that was TWO WHOLE YEARS AGO and now I’ve forgotten everything I knew about structure, timelines, and the the vast majority of my math and science classes. Luckily I haven’t encountered a moment in my post-collegiate life when I’ve actually needed the latter two. Score! But for now, I’ll pour a whiskey coke, strap on my headphones and bust this article out because I NEED MONEY. Oh, and legit portfolio (and to become fabulously wealthy off my wit– HA.) Working on that…now.

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