When it rains it pours.

5 Oct

Today I received a phone call from my boss informing me that the sprinklers had gone off this morning and I should probably just stay home since the kitchen was a mess. I was happy to do so, since I’m fairly certain I have bronchitis and no one had been able to cover my shifts for the past two days so it seemed appropriate for me to stay home and rest today. After a couple hours of wasting time (i.e. googling furry tattoos and making barf noises to my roommate, watching 30 rock, etc.) I decided to head to the store for stew supplies. I’ve been reading Ruth Reichl’s book Tender at the Bone (which is excellent) and wanted to follow her recipe for pork and tomatillo stew. After stocking up on all the necessities I thought it might be a good idea to swing by work since it’s on my way home.

A coworker had taken an hour and half off my closing shift yesterday by stepping in for me so I could head home early (again: not feeling well!) and I thought I would drop off a nice 22 of IPA to say thank you. When I arrived I tried to dodge the line and head straight to prep and scoot outta there before anyone noticed me, but OH MY GOD BACKFIRE CENTRAL. My boss wasn’t pleased to see me there… even moreso after what happened next. I handed the IPA to my coworker, which he slipped into his apron pocket… which happened to have a gaping hole in the bottom. The glass shattered everywhere, beer poured all over the floor, and another boss of mine came flying around the corner exclaiming (without much sympathy) IS THAT BEER!? Understandably it didn’t look good, so I tried to explain that I’d brought it by as a thank you gift while I hurried down the hallway to grab a mop. While he swept up the glass I pushed the mop and tried to quickly rid the kitchen of the beer smell when my boss (Original Boss… I know, it’s confusing… I am underling to many!) came back and asked what in the hell I was doing. By now I was completely embarrassed to even be there and blurted, “I tried to help but I just made it worse.” She advised me to GET. OUT. and I did so, leaving all the fire sprinkler residue, beer smell, and chaos behind me. So now I’m here at home, with an intense feeling of failure and a persistent rattling in my chest, watching the rain and vowing that I MUST MAKE PORK SOUP. If anything can fix today, it is pork, my failsafe cure-all.

Oh, and P.S… I had another article published today in Cascadia Weekly! I’m happy with the article, and online the photo looks decent. Unfortunately the photo looked pretty crazy in print, possibly a printing error? Either way I’m happy that it made it in and I can make a few bucks here and there with food reviews.

P.P.S I think the universe is trying to smote me. While attempting to upload another photo to this blog the whole computer went haywire and I had to force quit everything. Luckily it saved the blog draft…but I better just publish this before I get struck by lightning or something. Also, my cell phone is possessed, but that’s another story. Onwards…. TO PORK!

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