here, piggy piggy

2 Nov

Ugh, this new wordpress formatting is driving me bonkers. But hey, I’ve made something you might like! ¬†BEHOLD, ¬†HALLOWEEN MASTERPIECE! (And I guess Hailey looks pretty cute, too)


I felt like a total creep looking up photos of pork cuts and translating them onto my drawing of a human… but it had to be done. FOR SCIENCE. And for the love of god, the PUFFY PAINT! ALL CAPS EXCITEMENT ENSUES.


I may have been the only butchered pig on the block, but I definitely wasn’t the only bacon. AWESOME. Please note my awesome photoshop skills I employed to block out their eyes, since I don’t know if these folks wanted to be on my blog and I don’t wanna get yelled at. That’s called friendship. I had a lot of fun making this costume, so even if I’ve been a complete slacker being productive in all aspects of my life lately, at least I now know what on the human body would be deemed a “shoulder butt.” Plus I was toasty warm on the jaunts between bars… in far better condition than the throngs of tottering hot nurses and the like. Kay, so maybe no one thought I was buy-you-a-drink-worthy, but that’s what my BOYFRIEND IS FOR. Take that, universe.


2 Responses to “here, piggy piggy”

  1. Matt Wolff November 2, 2011 at 1:59 am #

    Well, WHAT part is the shoulder butt?? Don’t just leave us hanging! And, got any tips for turning human shoulder butt into delicious bacon? Once the Zombie Apocalypse goes down, things are gonna get weird — but if I ever have to eat people or starve, I’d want it to be people BACON.

    • wolfsoup November 2, 2011 at 5:45 am #

      Its the upper chest! Both the back and front, apparently. And if I were to guess about the proper way to make human’s bacon area taste like piggy bacon area… I’d just suggest curing the stomach-ish parts for a long, long while… that’ll take care of that pesky human taste, right?

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