Ooh… imported!

18 Oct


Another steal from the Bellingham Grocery Outlet… it’s imported. FROM NEW JERSEY! Ooh, la la. Shit, I guess you get what you pay for! (Also, thanks for the helpful tips! Using this cheese on pasta is some pretty revolutionary thinking.)

One Response to “Ooh… imported!”

  1. mattbeowulf October 18, 2012 at 10:01 pm #

    OK, just a couple things…

    1) I would guess that it was imported (for reals) as a parmesan-log (or however that type occurs naturally) — it just says it’s “packed in NJ.” By Tipico Products Co., which brings me to
    2) how uninspired is the name “Tipico Products” for a company? And WHO forms such a company?? “I’m gonna start a business that just sells regular, everyday stuff, like napkins and plain white socks and pre-measured amounts of parmesan cheese… you know, TYPICAL stuff. I’ve just gotta think of a great name…”
    3) Speaking of how lame Tipico Products must be, why is Mt. Rainier featured on the package? I resent that some New Jersey chuckleheads stole our volcano’s image to sell cheese. With a crappy slogan, to boot…
    4) Good on pizza?? they totally stole my idea; i’ve been doing that for years!! I’m now officially mad at your bag of parmesan.
    Oh, and nice blog 🙂

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