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Thought for food

25 Apr

Here’s a fascinating interview with a photographer who staged and photographed inmatee’ last meals on death row. Another example of how food carries with it an incredible weight.

Henry Hargreaves

Photo by Henry Hargreaves

Breakfast freakout

9 Apr

Hi, world! It has come to my attention that two blogs linked to a post of mine in the past few days, and now I have a boatload of traffic on here when I wasn’t prepared. I mean, I’ve been pretty negligent about the blog recently (BLAME A GOOD LOOKING MAN, PEOPLE) and now I feel like the pressure is on to be really cute/likeable/readable to what is essentially a bunch of half-interested internet strangers, and I’m like WHOA HO HO I DUNNO IF I POSSESS THE CHARISMA.

So uh, as an act of desperation I am flinging a picture of my breakfast at you. That’s right, I’m pulling one of THOSE cards. Lazy cards. Last minute cards. I’m-at-a-loss-for-creative-output-on-the-spot cards. This is what you get. You’re welcome, internet.


To be fair, my life has pretty much rotated around taco trucks and breakfast foods lately, so at least this breakfast was topical. Let me explain! Recently the taco truck near my house inexplicably vanished, and after several very painful and emotional days completely devoid of any asada burritos, it was decided that DAMN IT, WE’LL MAKE ‘EM OURSELVES. That was last night. This morning, said good-looking man was like, feed me! I’m insatiable all the time! So I did what I always do and fried a bunch of potatoes and onions, threw in whatever was in the fridge (leftover burrito parts!) put some fried eggs on top and called it done. “Burrito hash!” Cover that in Tapatio! Make a smoothie to counteract the greasiness! Toast some obligatorily very healthful seed-bread when everyone knows they’d rather have sourdough! Boom, breakfast.


13 Jun

God, NPR blew my mind twice in the car today. As in, oh, I’m at my destination, but I’m just gonna creep in the parking lot in my car staring intently at the radio while I listen to the end of this story! There were TWO amazing food related stories today, so I thought I’d reblog them here.

Clifton Lyles, Alaska Airlines chef

First, the chef in charge of airline food at Alaskan Airlines talks about trying to create an appealing menu while accommodating the challenges associated with flying (think re-heating, limited packaging, mass appeal, etc). Did you know that when you fly you lose 20-30% of your tasting ability!? That blew my mind! No wonder everything tastes and smells a little duller while in the air! Check out the story here.

Book Larder’s painfully well chosen storefront font 

Secondly, the gloriously inspiring feature on Book Larder, the cookbook-exclusive bookstore in Fremont that I immediately  fell in love with just from hearing owner Lara Hamilton describe the place while thoughtfully keeping The Eternal Food Muse (Miss Julia Child, obvs!) on the forefront of the story. I love Lara. I love Julia Child. And I’m pretty sure I want to marry Book Larder and I haven’t even met it yet. There’s a demo kitchen inside! They feature food bloggers and authors and cooks and workshops! And they just so happen to be reading Child’s My Life in France right now for their free drop-in book club meeting. Oh, you know, I’VE BEEN READING THAT TOO. While I looked at Book Larder’s website I had a strong desire to make out with my laptop. I wish I was kidding. Check out the story here! A day trip to Fremont with my tip money is in the works, with a little Paseo sandwich thrown in to make that day likely rival the awesomeness of any future wedding / childbirth / lottery winning, etc.


9 May

In a few minutes, C and I will be off to watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi at the local independent film center… I can’t wait! I hadn’t heard of it til last night, but when I saw the preview I was like OH MAH GAHHHH and quickly found that it was only playing for three days, one of which is today and tomorrow isn’t an option because I bartend. So, good job, universe! Here’s the stunning trailer.

And also, I watched Tampopo for the first time recently and was blown away. Food lovers everywhere need to see this film… how did I not hear about it earlier? Granted, the sex scenes are… weird. To say the least. But the story is brilliant, the cinematography is beautiful, and even those weird scenes are kinda fun in a squeamish way. Just don’t watch it with your parents. Yikes! Here’s my favorite scene from the film.

Happy noodling! And sushiing!



UPDATE: The movie was magical, informative, and managed to make me cry. Twice. Not because of a moving backstory, or a touching monologue, but because of the sushi. Beautiful sushi being plated in slow motion in a shallow depth of field. Crazy, I KNOW.

Lookie here!

23 Mar

I stumbled across a few really interesting links today and figured I’d share.

Cooking light posted a great article about common cooking mistakes (and how to remedy them). I first glanced at it expecting rookie mistakes, but it covers a good range of foibles and fixes for all skill levels. For instance, I already knew that my oven has a mind of it’s own (roughly the same as a sadistic toddler), but I hadn’t thought of doing the bread test (pictured above). I don’t have any white bread in the house, but I’ll pick up a cheap loaf at the store this weekend to see where my oven’s hotspots are. Maybe this way I won’t have to break every recipe into 7 minute increments punctuated by rotations, switches, and general dancing of hot pans. Check out the article  here !

Recently I was a bit restless after a bartending shift, so I figured I’d swing by my old favorite dumpster to see what it had in store. I hadn’t been dumpstering in years, so I’m not really sure what provoked me to give it a go that particular night, but I’m glad I did. After 3 minutes I was loading my car with fresh roses, tulips, and daisies and an entire crate of olive oil. The oil was shipped fresh from Italy that day, it was printed on the box, so it wasn’t expired. I’m assuming that since the box had a lot of oil on the outside it was tossed on the presumption that the bottles inside were damaged. Well, aside for a few dents on some of their lids, they were all fine, and now I’m swimming in olive oil. I gave a few bottles away, but even though I use it regularly I thought it might be fun to make a few infused oils to have around for salads or cooking with meats. Here’s a link to some ideas on infusing oils (I’ll be trying it out next weekend, after I’ve finished the food review I’m putting off at this very moment). Apparently though, garlic infused oils have killed approximately 3,000 baby koala bears and blinded just as many kittens, so avoid that, lest the botulism snag you too.

Also, here’s a video of the best kind of sandwich joint I can imagine. If and when I ever get the chance to go to New York, I want to seek out all the little places like this. Here’s the quick little video that is guaranteed to make you want corned beef in and around your mouth (followed by a milkshake, omg).

And lastly, since today was such a lovely spring day (bike ride in a tee shirt!? Granted, I had goosebumps the whole time, but it still felt great), I’m thinking a little about spring produce. Asparagus season is upon us, when I can happily bury my face in a pile of roasted asparagus with nothing but some oil, salt, and pepper. But I did learn something today that surprised me… debunked the “thin asparagus is better than thick” debate! Who knew?

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