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The merits of food photography

14 Jul

I’m here on vacation with C in Pennsylvania, which essentially means that between swimming and boating trips I’m laying around looking like a burnt pork roast in shorts (and smelling like a sultry blend of SPF and sweat). While I’m recuperating from the heat I often flip through the daily newspaper and take special interest in the grocery ads… there’s something really fun about looking at other region’s food habits. Plus I like to torture myself with the constant comparison of prices- Pennsylvania food costs are a fraction of what I pay in Washington! But while perusing the ads this morning I found something somewhat disturbing…

Do you see what I see? I’ll give you a hint… it rhymes with “pickin’ chest”. That’s right- it’s the split chicken breast in the center of the page. Here’s a close up.

I’m distressed by this chicken plate. I guess they want me to slather it in paprika and black pepper, serve it on a bed of oily pasta, and accompany it with… shrimp? AND RASPBERRIES?! Well, I get that food photography sometimes calls for thinking outside the box for garnish and decor, but this is just depressing. I think if forced to sample this dish, it would be… dry. And… bizarre. And…. just, really, really dry. And really, really weird. I can’t even imagine the circumstances that led to this plate creation. Listen, I know I’m not a pro food photographer or anything, but photos like this make me seriously question those who manage to make money off this sort of thing. I don’t get it… are they tenured or something? Are there bribes involved? Lord only knows.

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