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Good coworkers

29 Sep

On a day when you’re called in an hour early and you’re understaffed because your coworker on the line is severely ill and you’ve got ten million things to do, it’s still pretty easy to remember why you do it every day as your friend on the counter staff calls ORDER IN! And this is the ticket she gives you. My coworkers are seriously the coolest bunch of kids I’ve ever been lucky enough to spend every day with, and the camaraderie among the restaurant staff is deeply felt by all… they order you of the line when you’re feeling overwhelmed, offer you cigarettes when you’ve had it and are hyperventilating and/or sobbing behind the dumpster, take over the dish pit when you finally declare that YOU ARE GODDAMN SICK OF DOING THESE DISHES ALREADY, and generally make each day of chaos a pretty decent way to make your money. It might be because I’m a total sap, but then again the less sensitive folks all seem to agree that this is why working in a restaurant is worth it. I love these suckers. So. Much.

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