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13 Jan

The good news is that, according to the ultrasound of my heart that my cardiologist took on Monday, my heart looks healthy and there are no visible complications surrounding my ER visit last week. The bad news is that I’m still somewhat anxious about the whole ordeal and every time my heart beats a little fast I’m all HOLY BALLS, MY HEART’S GONNA EXPLOOOOOODE! THAR SHE BLOOOOWS! That, and I still have to have a bunch of bloodwork done to eliminate/possibly diagnose some scary sounding diseases… but we’ll see about that in a few days. The good GOOD news is that my dear, my darling, my most stable man of a boyfriend is residing in this home of ours, where he likes to recreate the famous Casa Que Pasa potato burrito to cure the blues that ail me. So he makes me guacamole, and fried potato burritos with red pepper and cabbage and tomato (so, god-awfully unseasonal tomato, but STILL…) and ground beef, which I adore even though it is unsophisticated and somewhat tasteless (but dear lord, the salt… THE SALT!) and Tapatio and sour cream and cumin and yum. Yummmmm. YUMMMMM!

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