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The only good thing about Eat, Pray, Love

5 Apr

Listen, I loved Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talks speech about creativity. Brilliant! Inspiring! It’s what convinced me to actually attempt to read her memoir, Eat, Pray, Love. Well, that resulted in my exasperated flinging the book across the room… so, of course when the movie came out on Netflix Instant Stream I had to watch it. Why? I dunno, I’m a masochist, I guess. I only made it a third of the way through the movie before I closed my Macbook and dashed to the store to buy mussels and pasta and heavy cream. Those first 30 minutes of her slurping pasta in Rome to a heavily operatic soundtrack was good for my appetite, but that’s about all it was good for. I picked up two pounds of Taylor Shellfish mussels and 1/2 pound of scallops, linguine, the expensive, divinely smooth organic Fresh Breeze heavy cream, and set C to work on dinner while I languished in hilarious conversation with C and my good friend, the beautiful and spunky Lexi. Another friend dropped in at the last minute, and although he’s gluten-free, still enjoyed some salad and a hefty pile of mussels and scallops drenched in C’s marinara.

Even though my photographs sucked, even though I don’t have a recipe or anything real to say, and despite the fact that I’ve felt too distracted and uninspired to food-write for weeks now, this dinner brought it back. Good, quality, relatively cheap food. Interesting, lively friends, some music, some whiskey, and a mouthful of shellfish. What more can you ask for to feel rich and supremely lucky?

It looks like I have Elizabeth Gilbert to thank for the end of my blog-writer’s block. No hard feelings on the book… it just wasn’t for me. But damn,woman, you sure know how to make a lady crave pasta!

A sight for sore eyes (or back… or feet…)

6 Jan

After a rough day at the ol’ sandwich factory, a girl likes to come home to this:

That is, of course, after I finally relented to the asthma-inducing, alien life form of a massive knot residing in my shoulder blades, and shelled out a horrendous $40 to the sweet Korean couple at the new massage place in town. I didn’t even care that in exchange I’d have to forfeit the red checkered dress I’ve been eyeballing… I just needed that Korean man to pummel my muscles with a voracity usually reserved for, well… I don’t know- I guess I don’t really beat people up. Ever. If I tried I’d probably just end up accidentally hurting myself and then start crying in frustration. Wow, what are we talking about again? I seem to have lost my train of thought…. suffice to say it was a long day. And I love to see my C cooking up a storm in our tiny kitchen. I’ve been exceptionally good so far about my healthy (ish) diet, eating only whole grains, loads of veggies, and meat and cheese in moderation with virtually no sugar (well, at least compared to what I normally consume). So I figured allow whatever C procured for dinner into my diet for the day, since I’ve been good and watching him cook is almost as cathartic as the not-cooking-let’s-sit-still I was doing because of him. And this is what I got:

Yum. Cheesy, noodley, chickeny filling goodness. Can’t complain.

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