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Sandwich from heaven

7 Apr

Every once in awhile, even a dumb old sandwich is exciting. Like when your boss casually hands you a magazine photo of a melty, dangerously good looking sandwich and says, “I’d like you to make this and run a special. See how it sells.” Well I hurried my ass up to get done with my projects I was working on and set to work on recreating it…

Grilled sourdough with parmesan and provolone, thick sliced bacon (in place of pancetta, which we don’t carry), whole basil leaves, a runny over-medium fried egg, green onions, and salt and pepper. Being a lover of all eggs runny and covered in bacon, this definitely excited me. After doling out taste tests to the kitchen, I agreed to add a dash more salt and pepper, but other than that it seemed pretty much perfect. I threw the bread with the cheese and s&p on the flat top, then as I put it in the sally (technically called the salamander, the freestanding broiler), I put on the bacon and the egg. Covered the egg in chopped green onion and some more pepper, added the basil and assembled it all and I’m done. It tasted approximately 3 times better than a BLT and infinitely more fancy. I was all, WHOA I ACTUALLY HAVE A CAMERA ON MY PERSON… followed immediately with BUT IT HAS NO CARD, YOU MORON. So I used my pal’s Bobby’s camera phone and took like, 18 pictures… which, since I’m technoilliterate actually translated into one picture. I guess you have to hold the button down special or something for the photo to save. Anyhow, that’s how you got stuck with this lame picture. Because it was the only one I could squeeze out.

Make it for brunch! Or lunch! Or dinner! Or drunk snacks! You could seriously impress your friends.


Domestic bliss… pretty much!

28 Feb

Yesterday C inexplicably left for a night of snow camping with his man friends, and I was left with a house to myself and free time. So while I pondered what might possess an otherwise reasonable person to dig a hole in the snow and sleep in it when they could be soundly slumbering underneath a mound of fresh warm sheets, I did what any lady craving creature comfort would do: I spent the day with my best friend buying matching sweatpants (my first pair!). And petting rabbits. And eating ice cream. I knew that when he came home wet and exhausted this afternoon he’d probably want something homey and substantial to rejuvenate him, which obviously called for the crock pot…

…and mom’s cast iron skillet cornbread recipe, which is TOTALLY AWESOME. Basically, after throwing on the sweatpants that may never leave my body again, I sauteed up some Italian sausage and onions and added them to a crock pot with kidney, black, and pinto beans, and diced tomatoes. I like to use stock for the base, but since I didn’t have any I just added a bit of water. The spices are improvised as well but pretty standard, I’m sure: cumin, oregano, pepper, chili flakes, ancho chili pepper, garlic salt, and a couple bay leaves.

After 8 hours, this chili was golden. But it needed cornbread! Here’s the recipe!

1 1/2 C flour
1/2 C sugar
2/3 C cornmeal (I used medium ground, but I recommend fine ground)
1 T baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

1 1/4 C milk
1/3 C veg oil
2 eggs
3 T melted butter

Just preheat the oven to 350, and while its heating up throw an oiled cast iron skillet in there to get nice and hot- this is absolutely necessary to get that awesome brown crust that makes the cornbread weep-worthy. Mix the dry ingredients and wet ones separately, then combine in the hot skillet. Bake for 30 minutes and rotate it once or twice for good measure. ┬áSo now I am finally sated of that chili craving that was stewing all day (stewing! GET IT!? PUNS!!!!) and C is busily fighting off his desire to fall asleep at 7 pm. I don’t blame him though… I’m feeling a bit food coma-y myself and I didn’t spend the night underneath a foot of snow with wet socks on. Because I am a sane human being, and instead spent the night in those god forsaken sweatpants with three blankets (after a premium night out of concerts/alley whiskey/general debauchery with friends, of course).

Stews and tattoos

1 Feb

My brother gave me a CrockPot for Christmas and I am infatuated with it. For once those canned-stuff sales and eerie, tough, stew meats at the supermarket have a purpose for me! Though whenever possible I like to buy fresh veggies and free-range, organic whatever, grass-fed happy meats, I am for all intents and purposes, a penny-pinching young person. So those crappy cuts of beef and 15 for $10 canned vegetables are pretty awesome when you’re broke and have a slow cooker to play with. Yesterday, after an awesome breakfast by C (whole wheat pancakes, Italian pork sausage, eggs, and pineapple… with previously posted sage and mint tea) I busted out the slow cooker to get dinner cooking while we were out enjoying the sunshine. Here’s a recipe! Whoa! It’s been ages! I am making this up as I type since I don’t remember the exacts! But dudes, this shit is eeeeeeasy. This recipe is inspired by my mom’s stew she used to make me growing up.

Starving Artist Stew (Contrary to what it’s name implies, this is MEAT-HEAVY. Because I’m a carnivorous artist. And you should be too. Well, on second thought, this would easily be made veggie-friendly if you just leave out the steak and substitute veggie broth. )

A package of the mysterious “stew meat” from your grocery meat section… I don’t remember how much weight it was. Just go with the amount of painfully tender meat you can imagine yourself eating in 6 hours from now and use that much.
1 can peas
1 can green beans
1 can stewed tomatoes
1 can corn kernels
1 small onion, diced
2 carrots, chopped
2-3 stalks celery, chopped
3 cups or so chicken, beef, or veggie broth
2 bay leaves
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp crushed rosemary
freshly ground pepper and salt to taste

Alright, nuggets! Pretty much all you do here is what you’d immediately assume based on this recipe. It’s made for morons. Or smartish monkeys. Brown up the stew meat in a cast iron or other heavy pan with a bit of veggie oil. I was going to sautee the carrots and onions in the meat juice but then I was like, “naaaaaaaah, I wanna do as little as possible, please!” If you’re following the so-easy-it’s-stupid way, do what I did! Turn your slow cooker to high and throw in the browned meat and accompanying juice. Then throw in everything else! All at once! If the cooker is piled high with too many ingredients and not enough watery stuff, just add more stock. Or water. I don’t care.

Now here’s the fun part: go do something else all day! I started this at 9:00 in the morning, went on a beach adventure for a couple hours, puttered around aimlessly for awhile, and then it was ready around 3. Well, it might have been ready earlier, but I didn’t check it. I turned it down to low around 2 (after 5 hours) but wanted to let it stew for longer since that is the glory of stews. I had my friend Orion over to my house to work on my veggie-skull sleeve and didn’t try the stew until I was 2 hours in and in need of a little break.

He worked on the reds and oranges (finally!) and after admiring the awesomeness for a few minutes I dove into that stew and took a much-deserved whiskey shot. The whiskey shot was… well… low budget. But the stew! It was lovely! The beef was flakey and tender, the veggies stock-saturated and melt-in-your-mouthey, and the seasonings were pretty much spot on, though I added more pepper since I’m a pepper freak. And just now I had some leftovers for dinner… because stew just gets better every time you microwave it! I don’t know why. But it’s science.

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