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Summer! Food! Changes!

24 Jun

I’ve been busily not doing anything, so I thought I’d share two photos of ingestibles I consider most appropriate to welcome the summer.

Obviously, mojitos!


Since mint is the rapidly becoming the Ultimate Ruler of the Herb Box, I figured it was time to break out the rum and shake up some mojitos while barbecuing. I am especially excited about drinks these days ever since I dropped $12 for four stainless steel straws in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Sidenote: Ming Wo is perhaps the best kitchen store in the universe, and if could live inside it forever I would.

And then there’s avocado… mmmmmm. There’s a reason I got one tattooed in the middle of my arm (consequently I can’t believe how often people say, “IS THAT AN AVOCADO ON YOUR ARM!?” Well, duh).


This is the best looking avocado I’ve opened in a long time, and I was so excited to eat A WHOLE CRAP TON of it. Especially with a bunch of Hempler’s bacon and green onion and basil from the herb box. 

In other news, I quit my bar job to go back to the kitchen full time. When I started working 3 days and 3 nights per week, a couple different people asked me “how long can you burn the candle on both ends?” Well, turns out it was just about 6 months exactly (plus a couple weeks). Entering the nightlife industry, I optimistically thought I could get by on little sleep and little time off… I’m 24 and energetic and strong! No problem! I thought the machismo energy that ran rampant in the kitchen would translate into bar employment with little effort. As the months ran on though, every day felt simultaneously twice as long and twice as short. I felt I was living in double time because I never got to adjust to a schedule. I’d work three days in the early morning, socializing and getting errands done in the afternoons, then stay up extra late, spend a whole day doing whatever struck me, then switch into three night shifts in a row. I never knew which day it was, or how I was supposed to get anything done that I actually wanted to do. My time was totally consumed with working and laundry lists of necessary activities. Besides the hours…well, I’m just not cut out for it. I’m far too sensitive. I want to see the best in everyone, and instead found myself consistently cursing the entirety of humanity after frustrating nights. So back to the clutches of early morning over the flat top. Honestly it sounds like a dream at this point. So seriously– TIP YOUR BARTENDER. They are badasses and I can’t figure out how they keep it up. I only lasted 6 months, any longer and I’d need therapy. 

This week I’m going to raft the Grand Canyon with my family, so everything I eat will likely be covered in Tapatio (when the informational packet describes “food that everyone will find palatable,” I take precautions). I’ll be back in full swing in two weeks. Happy June, eaters!

Sandwich from heaven

7 Apr

Every once in awhile, even a dumb old sandwich is exciting. Like when your boss casually hands you a magazine photo of a melty, dangerously good looking sandwich and says, “I’d like you to make this and run a special. See how it sells.” Well I hurried my ass up to get done with my projects I was working on and set to work on recreating it…

Grilled sourdough with parmesan and provolone, thick sliced bacon (in place of pancetta, which we don’t carry), whole basil leaves, a runny over-medium fried egg, green onions, and salt and pepper. Being a lover of all eggs runny and covered in bacon, this definitely excited me. After doling out taste tests to the kitchen, I agreed to add a dash more salt and pepper, but other than that it seemed pretty much perfect. I threw the bread with the cheese and s&p on the flat top, then as I put it in the sally (technically called the salamander, the freestanding broiler), I put on the bacon and the egg. Covered the egg in chopped green onion and some more pepper, added the basil and assembled it all and I’m done. It tasted approximately 3 times better than a BLT and infinitely more fancy. I was all, WHOA I ACTUALLY HAVE A CAMERA ON MY PERSON… followed immediately with BUT IT HAS NO CARD, YOU MORON. So I used my pal’s Bobby’s camera phone and took like, 18 pictures… which, since I’m technoilliterate actually translated into one picture. I guess you have to hold the button down special or something for the photo to save. Anyhow, that’s how you got stuck with this lame picture. Because it was the only one I could squeeze out.

Make it for brunch! Or lunch! Or dinner! Or drunk snacks! You could seriously impress your friends.


No manpies!?

18 Oct

Today I woke up and was like, TODAY I GET THINGS DONE.
TODAY I EAT MANPIES!!!! And I’ll blog about it!

And then C texted me to inform me that Manpies is closed on Sunday. Also, so are 3 of the 4 stores I needed to visit for errands. What’s with the small town inconvenient business hours, guys? So instead I rode my bike down to C’s store to sit in the window seat and wait for him to make me some sort of panini, which is where my ass is currently residing. The good thing about working in a sandwich restaurant is it’s pretty hard to get sick of sandwiches… there’s an infinite combination of things to throw on a sandwich. C made me this beautiful little creation:

Spinach, bacon, ham, avocado, havarti, pesto, and onion on a tasty toasty foccacia. And I ate it in this here window seat until the sun passed over me and lingered there for far too long and my skin got all hot and red and I was like, OKAY, WINDOW SEAT, YOU LOST YOUR CHARM. Tonight it’s roasted chicken and veggies and mashed potatoes. I’ve enlisted C to make gravy, which is totally extraneous but probably the best idea I’ve had all day… which really gives you an idea of the hard thinking I’ve been challenged with today.

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