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9 May

In a few minutes, C and I will be off to watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi at the local independent film center… I can’t wait! I hadn’t heard of it til last night, but when I saw the preview I was like OH MAH GAHHHH and quickly found that it was only playing for three days, one of which is today and tomorrow isn’t an option because I bartend. So, good job, universe! Here’s the stunning trailer.

And also, I watched Tampopo for the first time recently and was blown away. Food lovers everywhere need to see this film… how did I not hear about it earlier? Granted, the sex scenes are… weird. To say the least. But the story is brilliant, the cinematography is beautiful, and even those weird scenes are kinda fun in a squeamish way. Just don’t watch it with your parents. Yikes! Here’s my favorite scene from the film.

Happy noodling! And sushiing!



UPDATE: The movie was magical, informative, and managed to make me cry. Twice. Not because of a moving backstory, or a touching monologue, but because of the sushi. Beautiful sushi being plated in slow motion in a shallow depth of field. Crazy, I KNOW.

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