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20 Aug

Starting this blog has thus far done exactly what I was hoping it would- encourage me to not just think about food all the time, but really engross myself in it (like in a swimming pool of spaghetti! Sounds enGROSSing! TERRIBLE WORDPLAY!!!). It hit me the other day how food-centric my world has become lately when I came home from working the line. Slinging breakfasts and sandwiches all day wasn’t enough for me, so I followed it up with reading foodgawker, listening to the Splendid Table podcast, and making shrimp and shiitake mushroom spring rolls:

I made the spring rolls for a going away potluck for my dear friend leaving for Japan, so for dinner I got all sorts of Asian-inspired dishes. She and all of her friends, incidentally, are incredible cooks, so I’m in favor of her staying in my town, but, oh well.

Then yesterday I found a giant stack of Gourmet magazines in the library’s free bin, so I totally ransacked that and found a recipe for chicken and rock shrimp with a tomato cream sauce. But I didn’t know what a rock shrimp was, so I bought fancy prawns from the co-op. For all I know they’re the exact same thing, and if I was any good at anything I’d look up the difference right now. But I’m already word vomiting all over this post as it is, so I’ll let it go.

C and I were cooking one of the first meals in his new house, so we didn’t have pepper WHICH BLEW because I’m a pepper fiend, but it was still damn tasty nonetheless. What could go wrong with prawns? Those freakish little undersea aliens are the best seafood as far as I’m concerned. Here’s a wildly subpar photo of the ready-to-eat goods:

And a fine pairing of $4 chardonnay, please.

Thanks for introducing me to Crane Lake via brown paper bag day drinking at the lake, Jeremiah! It has really launched me onto a whole new level of classiness.

After dinner C wooed me with an impressive stack of dinner specials he had created and cooked every weekend at his old kitchen job. SWOON.

Wow, I’m really photo happy right now. This post is balls out with photos! WHOOOOOAAAA!

So here’s another. We rode our bikes downtown for ice cream and got a serious hookup from C’s friend who was working, CHECK IT:

Yes, that’s C holding perhaps the greatest ice cream cone ever created. Number one important factor: it’s GOT to be a waffle cone. There’s no other way to do it. Other types of cones taste like those paper wafers at old school communion, and waffle cones taste like an angel got dipped in butter and served to me on a silver platter. And I do love angels. Tasty, tasty angles.

Anyhow, I got three flavors: mint Oreo, super dark chocolate, and cookies and chocolate. I know, it doesn’t sound all that special, mostly just like the chocolate monster came into town and barfed all over everything, but I swear it wasn’t like that at all!!! It was divine. And now all I can think about is ice cream. I wonder if his friend is working again tonight…?

Heart through my stomach

11 Aug

The other night C insisted on cooking for me, and he showed up to my house with way more than I anticipated. He pulled everything out of his bike bags one at a time, laying them out on the table and lining them up for assessment:

Parchment wrapped blue marlin
Sirloin steak with the signature Co-Op sticker on it (which means it tastes like steak, not ammonia. GOOD SIGN.)
Talus Lodi Chardonnay (admittedly meant nothing to me at the time, but it was a perfectly sweet compliment to meal)
Green beans
And a piece of Co-Op cake for later, he said. It turned out to be a white pound cake with strawberry filling and chocolate ganache.

He asked for some red onions, some lime, a little balsamic and olive oil and salt and pepper, then set to work. I pretended to help, but mostly just watched him work and gawked at the grain of the fish.

He seared everything off in my favorite pans and scrutinized the marlin for a long time before settling on the way he wanted to cut it. He whipped up a pineapple salsa for the fish and a balsamic reduction for the steak, quick steamed and sauteed the green beans, browned up the potatoes on the stove them threw them in with the rest of the glorious mess in the oven. And this is what came out.

Hot damn, this man can cook. Gotta admit, it’s not the best photo, but this meal was fantastic. So we drank our wine and talked and ate and talked and talked and ate. And I think I swooned a little bit. And then we ate the cake (which was perfect).

Then we hauled our asses down the street to the grocery store to pick up another bottle of wine, because you’re only young once, right? And we had more to talk about, and I’m pretty sure that’s impossible to do without a glass in your hand. It’s science.

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