here, piggy piggy

2 Nov

Ugh, this new wordpress formatting is driving me bonkers. But hey, I’ve made something you might like! ¬†BEHOLD, ¬†HALLOWEEN MASTERPIECE! (And I guess Hailey looks pretty cute, too)


I felt like a total creep looking up photos of pork cuts and translating them onto my drawing of a human… but it had to be done. FOR SCIENCE. And for the love of god, the PUFFY PAINT! ALL CAPS EXCITEMENT ENSUES.


I may have been the only butchered pig on the block, but I definitely wasn’t the only bacon. AWESOME. Please note my awesome photoshop skills I employed to block out their eyes, since I don’t know if these folks wanted to be on my blog and I don’t wanna get yelled at. That’s called friendship. I had a lot of fun making this costume, so even if I’ve been a complete slacker being productive in all aspects of my life lately, at least I now know what on the human body would be deemed a “shoulder butt.” Plus I was toasty warm on the jaunts between bars… in far better condition than the throngs of tottering hot nurses and the like. Kay, so maybe no one thought I was buy-you-a-drink-worthy, but that’s what my BOYFRIEND IS FOR. Take that, universe.


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